Rewarding Your Staff for Christmas

Are you stuck on what to reward your staff with this Christmas? They have no doubt worked incredibly hard through a tough year and deserve something pretty special – as well as some Christmas festivities.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of appreciation of their working skills to make them energised, and investing in their health and safety as well as their satisfaction in the workplace is a big thing for them.

Here are some ideas to keep your workforce energised and thankful for everything you provide them with from stationery shops in Manchester.

Ergonomic Seating

Physical health is a big thing, and if your employees have been sitting in the same chairs for a while then they may need something a bit more structured to help them have more comfort in their day-to-day.

Providing all of your staff with new, ergonomic seating that supports their spines and necks is a great gift that shows you are invested in their comfort and physical health, allowing them to work in a more relaxed and less painful seating position. As most chairs will have seating indents and close to discomfort after long sitting periods, added comfort and the ability to have their body alignment looked after is a great gift for a happy workforce.

Rising Desks

If your office does not have rising desks then that is a great way to provide your staff with something to smile about.

No one wants to be sitting all day, and their bodies do not like the lack of exercise which leads to fatigue, weight gain and bad circulation. With rising desks, employees can mix up their seating and standing working positions to allow blood flow to occur more naturally and prevent cramps, bad circulation and risk of heart disease – as well as weight gain.

Rising desks are shown to increase peoples productivity by not having to take time away from their desks to stretch or walk around the office to wake up limbs.

Extended Morning Activities

More and more companies are rewarding their workforce by providing healthier mental and physical activities to get their staff into the energised flow.

Spurned on by the Japanese, many businesses bring in personal trainers to provide a weekly workout session during the midweek to keep staff energised and focused, helping them to stay healthy and fit in a workplace environment. For the new year-new start, bringing in trainers, coaches and group activities is a great way of making every employee feel appreciated and focused on wanting to stay with the company for longer.

When you reward your staff, it is an investment in your business growth. Contact the team at Arrow Office today for business supplies and office supplies in Stockport.

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