The Gift of Employee Value for Christmas


Christmas week is upon us and if your staff is working right up until Christmas Eve, they are a very special breed of employees – and ones that deserve their recognition for such a trying year.

Whilst many businesses employ the Secret Santa way of gifts being handed out around the office, many directors choose to showcase a deep appreciation for their employees by gifting them each something to show their worth. This also ensures that they will be happy to return in January, as December typically has higher rates of people choosing to leave to pursue other avenues if they feel that the job is not giving them an incentive to stay.

Here are some ideas to gift your employees to make them feel you appreciate them.

Desk Items

In a lot of offices, there are many occasions where one employee uses other employees coffee cups can cause no end of bother. It can be the same with business supplies around the office, including at their desk.

Personalised coffee cups are a great little gift that ensures everyone has their own within the workplace and having stationery items emblazoned with the employee name on them sure reduces the risk of someone using someone else’s item. It is an easy item to buy if you think that would show great appreciation.

Other big gifts for your employees for a new year involve their physical health is supported.

Supportive Chairs

If your employees have been seated on the same old boring chairs for the past year, it is time to give them something a little extra – especially if you want them in the office over more home-based working.

Ergonomic chairs are now employed in pretty much any office environment, helping your employees retain the correct posture whilst they work for you. This not only helps their lower back and neck from becoming a long term problem but also reduces the amount of sick time they will have to take or later life operations or procedures to correct their bad posture.

In gifting your employees with new, state of the art healthier seating for their return, they know they are coming back to comfort.

Rising Desks

Along with the need for proper posture is the need to invest in the option of standing or sitting whilst working. Height-adjustable desks are in a majority of businesses because it allows your employees choice as well as natural fitness that they would be missing in an office where sitting is required all day.

Rising desks help to give a more natural blood flow and support posture, reducing the risks of heart disease and weight gain.

It would be a great addition to gifts you could give your employees who will look forward to having the option in the workplace.

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