Boosting Employee Happiness

It is not always an easy role to play as an employer in keeping happy employees. Most of the time, your employees have different needs that they want to meet to be their most productive.

Though salaries are usually the main focus of keeping employees feeling valued, it is not the only solution available. The happiness of employees can fall in well-being and opportunities for growth – as well as considering their work-life balance.

Flexible working

Mental wellbeing in the workplace is a more prominent focus today than at any time before. When we look back at how people used to work in an office environment, it’s amazing that anyone achieved anything.

Today we focus more on a mixture of work and remote working to help our employees feel a better work-life balance. At home, they will no doubt become accustomed to being able to stretch their legs, take time out from their screens and get better blood flow through their body. In the office, you could help to keep this as appealing by giving your employees rising desks so they can add productivity whilst being able to stretch and move around whilst working.

This adds more value to your employees as health and muscular injury will be reduced in risk by having an option – meaning they can work for longer and reduce potential sick days.

Planning the Culture

Having a positive atmosphere is the true secret to success, and giving your employees access to more comfort and exercise in the workplace is a great boost to the companies credibility of care.

It can be breakout rooms where employees can relax and engage in something more social, such as a games area or function space. You could also set out a large meeting room with a desk and ergonomic chairs where you can hold staff meetings and discuss how things are progressing. With everyone having the same ergonomic chairs, everyone feels just as important and cared for.

Access to Equipment

Remember the old days when you had just one printer for the entire office to use? Thankfully, the pricing on printers has greatly reduced to the point where a company can afford more than one.

If every employee who requires to print has their printer at their desk space, it not only reduces the times when multiple employees are queuing up for printer use, but it gets things done a lot quicker from the comfort of their workstation. Printers and toner recycling on a contract with stationery shops in Manchester can be a much cheaper option than having one printer jam set back multiple employees from achieving their work.

Contact the team at Arrow Office today to make sure you have happy employees with the right tools and equipment they need.

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