Are Office Calendars Still of Use?

As we rely heavily on technology in most aspects of life nowadays, even the smallest of tasks can be done by an app or device within hand reach. Calendars are no different, with most mobile phones having a built-in calendar you can set your important dates and reminders and be alerted to when they are due. Does this mean that having a paper office calendar in your desk space is now of no use? – You would be surprised to learn that they are still the most dependable calendar on the market.

No Charge Needed

For starters, all electronic equipment can have faults – and all of them have a battery life that tends to die when you need it the most. When that happens, you won’t be getting any important reminders.

Add to that, mobile tech can end up damaged from dropping or getting wet which greatly affects their dependence. If you upgrade to a new model, it is also not always guaranteed that all of your information will transfer over to the new model. All of these instances can make you miss deadlines, or lose contact details or miss out on important meetings that have been set.

Having a physical calendar in your office desk space to make notes on ensures you have all the information to hand as a backup that only takes a glance towards it to be reminded.

Easier Option

When taking a phone call or an online meeting and needing to take details of the date of importance, the first place you will look to is a paper copy of a calendar to make sure you are free.

Having that form of calendar to hand is much quicker than booting up your laptop or mobile device and scrolling through dates. It also is easier to determine how much time on a day you will have to complete tasks. For simplicity, you cannot beat a simple calendar you can buy from stationery shops in Manchester.

Colour Code Importance

The best way to determine the levels of attention you need to give to tasks throughout your week is in the ability to colour code them with different colour pens. By colouring these different tasks with more imposing colours such as red for extremely important and blue for more casual tasks enable you to get a better organisation for the week ahead.

Most apps and tech devices do not allow for changing the font colour on the text that you input, which makes it instantly harder to determine how important each task is.

Having a paper office calendar will always have a great advantage within the workplace over a tech version. Contact the team at Arrow Office today for all business supplies and office supplies in Stockport.

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