Setting Up a Home Office

The 2021 hot trend is transferring your busy workspace into the home and having life and work balance a much easier existence as a result. Whilst some may find it difficult to get that balance of working just right, there are certainly the right elements to put in place to help establish a perfect centre for both lifestyles.

To set up your home office to maximum efficiency, there are a few steps to take to help take out the stress of home-based working – especially if you struggle to keep organised.

Make Use of Space

Not everyone has a dedicated room they can transform into a home office, so many have to take a corner of a room to create the separation. The couch in front of the TV is not a healthy start to home working, after all.

Some people make use of a room underneath the stairs that is typically for storage, but big enough to have some potential. Others take the corner closest to the window to be able to have natural light accessible for working. Conservatory space is a great example of where a home office can occupy.

The most important part of setting up your space is making it devoid of clutter and having enough room to work without feeling boxed in. These two instances are a huge distraction. It also needs to be a section of the room where you can translate to everyone else that you need to work, allowing you to keep motivated, comfortable and productive.

Ergonomically Set

The days of using a chair from the dining room set is over – and on top of that, no longer healthy to work all day.

Sitting for long lengths of time with bad posture is going to provide plenty of pains and strains that are distracting in the short term, and much more serious in the long term. Musculoskeletal disorders, visual fatigue and mental stress all build from not being able to adequately work in comfort whilst supporting your body needs.

Ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks are required for today’s office environment, so they should be in play for your home office also – helping the body to properly circulate blood to reduce the risk of heart disease and being able to stand and work allowing your body to get the required daily exercise to reduce weight gain and bad posture.

Space For Storing and Filing

Now you work from home, you need to allocate space to store and file documents and keep a track of records.

This can be in the form of filing cabinets or box files to store all important documents, and folders and waste paper bins just like you would have within the office environment. These may feel trivial but they are extremely important so that things don’t go missing – which can happen with bigger frequency in a busy home.

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