Are Standing Desks the Best Option for Activeness in Work

On a typical office day, we have to take on a multitude of tasks that can be repetitive or take much longer than other tasks. Everything from catching up and responding to emails to going through reports, files and records. These activities can take their toll on our backs when situated for long periods, and slouching becomes a nasty habit.

Prolonged daily sitting whilst working with these has been proven to lead to neck and back pain, obesity and heart disease. These health problems have been directly linked to unsuitable workplace conditions such as non-ergonomic chairs and desks that are stationary and not height adjustable.

This has seen the rise of standing desks as a workplace requirement moving forward, raising your computer level high enough for employees to work and stand at the same time – perfect for helping the body posture and allowing for much more natural blood flow.

Types of Standing Desks

All standing desks follow the same basic principle of allowing you to stand whilst you work. Fixed-height desks stay at the standing height, sit-stand desks allow you to either sit or stand throughout the working day at your own choice.

Power-assisted ones go up and down by the push of a button whilst manual ones require the use of a handle to raise with a lever or crank. These desks can be bought at stationery shops in Manchester or online either singularly or in a bulk order – but their benefits are unmistakable.


Besides less sitting time, height-adjustable desks bring a lot of key benefits to a positive workforce.

Studies have shown that standing whilst working burns 88 calories an hour in comparison to 80 calories whilst sitting. Also, sitting for long periods on each workday tightens muscles and affects the lower back, especially if you have bad posture. A standing desk greatly eases those with back pain, although how much time you need to stand to get that ease does come down to the individual.

In office and call centre environments, height-adjustable desks provided an increase in daily productivity by around 45% over those who regularly had to sit during their average workday.

Ways To Help

Standing desks come with their working conditions based around the individual – as each worker has different needs.

Standing for long periods can put pressure on some employees knees, hips and feet which can lead to pain. If one foot is lifted to alleviate the pain, this could end up affecting posture, so it is worth guiding employees on exactly how much time they should spend standing each day to their needs. Whilst standing is much better for working, it is not a substitute for exercise, but it does help get a little extra movement each day.

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