Office Supplies Everyone Needs

In today’s transforming workplace, deciphering the kind of office supplies you need and that are still a good fit for your company’s day to day operations can take a lot of unnecessary time and energy out of your day.

Certain items have been deemed a necessity whereas others are more viewed as a luxury. In choosing what office supplies are crucial to a smooth-running office, there are some core items that all businesses should have to hand regardless of what industry you provide a service.


Despite everyone going digital, printing paper is always going to be required to be on your business supplies list. No matter what kind of office printer you have, multi-purpose paper is the best kind of paper you can buy.

Whilst we try to keep paper use down to a minimum to be more environmentally conscious, we still require it when mailing out letters or towards our bookkeeping. ECO-friendly paper is always available on request to meet a more responsible office environment and image.

Pens and Pencils

Even if we use a keyboard to do most of our writing, certain pens will always be required. Whenever you take a phone call, it is not often that you take a message or note a number on the screen, it tends to be written down on a notepad with a nearby pen or pencil.

Keeping stocked up on pens and pencils, along with sharpeners and replacement ink cartridges if required. Along with these types of pens, markers pens to write down notes and to do’s on a whiteboard will always need replacing – especially if they dry out quickly.

Notebooks and Pads

Whenever you go into a meeting, how awkward does it feel pulling a laptop into the meeting to take notes? It provides a sense that you are paying more concentration on your computer than listening to what is being said to you.

This is where always have a healthy stock of notepads and pads to hand that you can use with your pens and pencils to effectively take notes and not be distracted. Being organized and having the office supplies you need, not having to rely on WiFi or a charged battery whilst in a meeting, goes a long way to making you and your team look prepared and ready to get to work on the task at hand.


Whilst we can use digital calendars to store all of our important appointments, if that equipment stored on dies from a flat battery or is damaged, we tend to forget instantly those important meetings die to not being alerted.

This is where having a dedicated calendar and planner that is more physical around the desk is much more beneficial in keeping your time.

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