Is Stationary Still Important for the Office?

As many of us rely on computers and virtual tools in the office environment, we may wonder if physical stationary office supplies is an expense that is required in today’s workplace. What we think about when we hear the word stationery is typically paper, but it also encompasses so much more.

Whilst we choose more and more to go paperless in our day-to-day working life, there is still a massive market for pens, pencils and much more to keep your office productive and efficient.

It is easy to take office supplies in Stockport for granted as they are used so frequently and always present in abundance, but you notice them when they run out.


Another role that your office stationery has is the provision of unique branding for your business. Your company logo imprinted on various letterheads, envelopes and cards are a great testimonial of your business professionalism.

Having those same images and wording on pens, pencils, erasers and others also add to the image of a company that has everything covered and communicates well, making them a great giveaway to customers, clients and partners – as well as any conventions that your company attends.

Showcasing Pride

The quality of your office supplies indicate the quality of your company, and they show clients and customers that you are prepared to follow through with a quality service for them.

High quality printed materials such as envelopes and letters provide a much stronger entity for your business, showing that no corners are cut on providing the image of a business that means business. Comparatively cheap supplies give an impression of a company trying to save money, which means corners could be cut to save on time and effort – not something you want to portray to paying clients.

Efficient Personalization

Successful businesses are the ones who take a consistent approach to everything, including a reliable supply of stationery and business supplies.

Prioritizing a well-stocked inventory is key to ensuring efficient business operations, whereas a failure to prioritize well-stocked stationery can sometimes see productiveness grind to a halt or become less efficient. Whilst we choose to embrace the digital workplace, there is still something more to be said with a more personal touch with thank-you notes, greetings and post-it notes. It makes it seem more personal and shows extra dedication and appreciation for the work being done.

At Arrow Office, we believe that stationery shops in Manchester still deliver an extremely important personal addition to the office environment. Contact our team today for all your stationary office supplies.

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