Desk Time Takes Its Toll

With constant sitting at desks doing your daily workload, your body begins to take a huge toll. Staring at a screen all day leads to a multitude of injuries and aches, from aching back to sore wrists, to much larger problems with overall desk posture.

These areas tend to get much worse over time for those who occupy desks for a living, but some tweaks in business supplies can greatly reduce the pains and discomfort of yourself and your employees.


When you are faced with a computer screen daily, the glare will take its toll on your eyesight.

By ensuring that you take occasional breaks from the screen and focusing on more long-distance objects on these breaks, you give your eyes some much-needed exercise to keep them sharp. It is advised that you utilise desktop lamps to help keep your eyes from glaring at screen glow and keep eye drops close by to stop your eyes from feeling dry after long working sessions.

Mouse Cushion

People who have worked on computers five days a week complain of repetitive wrist pain on one wrist due to the use of a mouse for long periods.

By ensuring that all mousepads have supportive cushioning, you reduce the potential wrist pain. You can also swap hands when it comes to mouse use. It may feel weird for a week or so but soon you will find you adopt it very well. You can also take breaks from mouse use to help keep your wrist pain at a minimum.


Bad desk posture leads to several neck and back problems that take a considerable toll on employee workforces.

By eliminating all those old plastic school classroom style seating with ergonomic furniture, you find support for physical health as well as longevity of the workforce. Having seating that properly supports the hips and back, ensuring that all employees sit up straight and not slouch over their desks allows for proper stretching of the body and blood flow to increase from muscle use.

This greatly reduces back and neck problems and provides a more healthy atmosphere.


You don’t need to get up and run around the block to get a dose of exercise for the workforce. Exercise can come from stretching to providing more optional equipment for their daily activities.

Standing desks are a huge item to support the health of employees, allowing for them to stand and work and allow for natural blood flow to circulate and reduce heart trouble and other health issues.

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