Storage Equals Productivity

Every once and a while, business owners will be faced with their office environment and thoughts on how to increase productivity. The truth is that sometimes the biggest barrier to a productive workplace may lay within the current set-up and things you already have in place – things that could use that overhaul.

Part of it falls into the kind of office furniture you choose, and the other half is how you best utilise your storage requirements. The other aspect is the functionality of your office.


If you are a business that has a centralised printer within another room in your office, you will notice that all employees are going to be going back and forth all day just to retrieve their printouts. By getting up countless times throughout the day to visit another room, it takes up a fair chunk of the day that gets wasted.

The better option in today’s office environment is for each employee to have their desk printer, seeing as they are now compact and affordable in comparison to years previous. This eliminates the constant back and forth and up and down of your employees as well as them having everything to hand.

Office Storage

Each employee will have a continuous flow of paper, receipts, invoices and other printouts that will require their own filing space.

It can quickly become disorganised if the employee simply has one tray to hold them all, which leads to scrambles to find the correct document or missing piece of paper required which can be lost forever. By providing storage units that employees can adequately and correctly file their paperwork and other documents at their desks, it provides a much better experience and sense of priority than simply stashing it away for a later date.

If some documentation is confidential, then you need to think of a storage solution for them that provides safety for them with a lockable drawer. No matter which kind of storage, it will need to be compact and able to be out of the way.

Office Health

Gone are the days when old hand me down office chairs are acceptable, and now health is the biggest factor in keeping employees within your business for the long haul.

You may be surprised to learn that the office environment and it’s furniture plays a big role in employee turnover. Many employees leave due to unsatisfactory working conditions or health-related issues, such as back injury or posture problems from sitting all day long. This is why the drive to make working conditions more ergonomic has been a big thing for successful businesses.

By incorporating height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs that help with posture, offices are seeing a more stable workforce that is able to keep healthy and not suffer from decreased blood flow or weight gain from inactivity.

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