Knowing Your Office Essentials

No matter if you work from home or occupy office space in the city, there are certain office essentials you just need to have to keep yourself organised, motivated and stress-free.

Items would vary from person to person, but all in all, we need some comforts of our own to make our space feel separate from home or other people’s work areas. Some items are so essential to our productivity and organisation that we need them practically in front of us at all times whilst working.


Over a day, there will be various papers, pens and slips that need space. Nine times out of ten they will end up strewn around the desk and soon looking a major mess.

The organisation plays a major part in the workday, and as soon as that goes out of the window so does your schedule and motivation. This is where desk tidies become your desktop friend, able to separate your important letters, files and documents into an area that is not only tidy but exceptionally organised and making things easy to put away and find again.


On a workday, you will see plenty of rubbish from discarded envelopes, papers, pencil shavings and a multitude of other things.

Cluttering up your desk with trash is clogging up your productivity and work satisfaction, so it is important to have a waste paper bin or desktop shredder to keep on top of amassing paper from various sources.

If your desk looks like trash then your work will turn out rubbish.


Working with ergonomic chairs and rising desks is one thing to keep you comfortable during the day, but they are not the only thing that helps you to stay mentally healthy in the office at work.

It is important to remember what you work for or towards, so having a framed picture of the family goes a long way, or even a picture of a destination you are working towards. These goal-setting images make a big difference in your working day, and can even occupy a notice board by your desk-side to keep your happy images in one place constantly.

Stationary to Hand

To do the work, you need the tools – and having all of your business supplies and office essentials in the form of stationary to hand makes for a day of heightened productivity.

From pens that work to sharpened pencils to hole punchers and a variety of other essentials, having everything to hand make the day run so much smoother.

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