The Finer Points of Health via Standing Desks

The benefits of using a standing desk is that it allows you and your staff to comfortably work whilst either sitting down or standing up, as they are fully adjustable for both instances. The availability to alternate between both within a working day has been known to boost productivity as well as increase employee health by exercisable activity.

Also known as height-adjustable desks, standing desks negate the negative effects of sitting all day in the office but also benefit in many ways towards health and productivity to become necessary business supplies.

Weight and Blood

Working with the option of a standing desk burns more calories than you would when sitting down. Whilst exercise is deemed the best way to burn those calories, standing when working also does its part in place of sitting for long periods.

A regular afternoon standing at a desk can burn 170 additional calories, which can equate to almost an extra 1000 burned each week by standing at a desk every afternoon. This plays very well against weight gain, obesity and metabolic disease. Studies also show that alternating between standing and sitting positions every 3 minutes reduces blood sugar by 11.1%, which is great for after lunch working periods.

Sitting for prolonged periods has been proven to increase the risk of heart disease upwards of 147%, which even increased exercise will not make up for. This shows that standing desks work towards medical benefits for your body.

Reduced Back Pain

Everyone who works in an office environment will suffer back, neck and shoulder pain over time. This is the lead-in for poor posture which leads to worse aches and pains.

Employees with long term back pain have been studied when being supplied with standing desks, with 32% improvement in lower back pain coming within the results as well as over 50% having a reduction in neck and upper back pain within a month.

Naturally, this alleviation of pain improves mood and energy levels within the employees, with the employee wellbeing providing a better sense of wellbeing for the company. This in turn provides a stable defence against depression and workplace anxiety.

With even as much as an hour spent standing in an afternoon, employees will find comfort, energy, focus and less stress and unhappiness with their surroundings – all of which lead to a productive atmosphere.

Not only will your productivity greatly improves, but also your employee turnover, as many employees will have a much healthier lifespan and not have to leave due to discomfort or unhappiness in the workplace due to working conditions.

If you’d like the benefits of using a standing desk, or for all office supplies in Stockport, contact the team at Arrow Office today.

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