Body Care in the Office Environment

No matter the size of your business, employee physical health is always going to be a constant concern. The time that they spend in the office sitting at a desk will take a huge toll on their body, from aching backs to sore wrists which will only get worse as time moves forward.

To combat worsening posture and blood flow from long hours sitting, a few tweaks to habits can be implemented to ensure a happier workforce.

Screen Breaks

Glaring from computer screens is going to damage eyesight if people are sitting in front of them for 6 hours straight. One way to combat this is to implement screen breaks, the other is to have dimmer screens.

Ensure that every employee has a desk light also, as when it gets dark the screen glow can be even more damaging to the eyes. By allowing staff to take screen breaks and stretch their leg muscles every hour, you ensure your workforce is more focused and not in discomfort or suffering headaches that affect their work.

The same can be said for people who use a mouse all day, as this can affect the wrist after a long day of scrolling. Whilst this can lead to a repetitive strain injury, you can ensure that every desk has a mousepad with a supportive cushion. This goes a long way to avoiding injury of this kind.

Posture Protective Seating

Sitting for long periods is never good for employee physical health. Strain from bad posture on your spine and neck worsens over time, so combating this problem comes from a simple early solution.

By making sure every employee has an ergonomic chair that supports their hips, back and neck, you are providing investment into the employee’s physical wellbeing and reducing their risk of slumping that leads to a lot of aches, pains and damage.

You should also permit the employee to stand and stretch regularly every day to allow for proper blood flow that can be restricted from a crossed feet position that is normally taken from seated employees over long periods.

Stand and Work

Nobody wants to sit at a desk and work for overly long periods, which is why employees constantly watch the clock to know when they can get up and walk around.

In today’s age, many employers purchase rising desks to allow employees to stand and work whenever they wish. This is a great product to help employees stretch and get the right amount of daily circulation between seated and standing positions. Standing for a few hours every day has many positive effects on the workflow as much as blood flow.

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