Why Would You Need an Ergonomic Chair?

If you think the term ‘Unsafe Working Conditions’ is something more relegated to warehouse or factory work, then you are mistaken. You face a lot more risk in office environments. Sure, products falling or risks from machine use are high in those settings, but the office can present more physical conditions over just as much time, so make sure you have the perfect office chair that is comfortable and offers support.

Long Day Seating

When employees sit in the same chair for long periods of the day, which can be over 6 hours in some cases, workplace-related injuries are already starting to occur if your furniture is outdated or unsafe for the amount of time required.

Whilst technology and computers have made tasks a lot quicker and easier to accomplish, it also means that employees can get even more done from the comfort of their desks and computers. This is where physical wellbeing and health starts to take a toll.

Everything to Hand, No Need to Stand

Many employees now don’t have to leave their desk for anything, wherein older times they would have to get up and walk around the office or go to another room or floor level to fetch something. Now, with everything digital, they can have instant access to everything from documents to ordering lunch to be delivered, meaning their bodies are not getting adequate exercise.

This also sees proper working posture taking a slump in more ways than one, and restriction of natural blood flow from movement added to the problem. This is where ergonomics come in, providing businesses with the opportunity to better care for their employees through ergonomic chairs and desks.

Providing Comfort

The sole purpose of ergonomic furniture is to provide comfort and efficiency within the workplace. Designed to keep the user’s body in a safe and upright position, they help to reduce stress on the spine, hips and neck. This is especially helpful and comforting to those employees who spend upwards of 8 hours a day at their desks.

Though it is not completely custom, ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to suit every employee’s needs. Whilst replenishing your office environment can be costly, starting with the seating arrangement is the best place to start.

Healthier Benefits

The health benefits that an ergonomic chair offers from regular use comes from easing lower back pain, giving support to the spine, keeping joints neutral and alleviating neck and shoulder pain. These go a long way to reducing musculoskeletal disorders on the back and neck.

The perfect office chair provides comfort, improves staff productivity and engagement, and provides a lot of long term cost savings for the company over time when it comes to worker’s compensation.

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