Boosting Office Morale in the Darker Months

As the darker months are upon us and whilst most of us think of the great influx of office parties coming our way, it is still a lot of regular office days in a duller environment to get through until the celebrations commence. Keeping morale high during darker months when employees enter an office when daylight is breaking and leaving when it’s dark is very tough. It also begins to affect your business productivity because it’s so depressing without direct sunlight access.

With that mentality, it requires a few tricks to ensure your employees get the best out of their surroundings during the chilly, dark months leading to your Christmas shindigs.

Little Bit of Green

The office environment can look especially cold and dull during the later months, so it pays to add a bit of life and colour. The best way to do that is to add a little greenery to the room with some office plants – which is a way of keeping morale high

Not only do they become great little mascots in the workplace, but they add a little extra life also. Plants are proven to cheer people up, and making space for some well-placed ferns and colourful potted plants can add a bit of extra gusto to the environment. Plus they are perfect for decorating at Halloween and Christmas to get in on the festivities.

Added Treats

Nothing says Halloween and Christmas are upon us like having some treat bowls, and they don’t need to be fattening chocolates.

Anything from fresh fruit delivered to the office, to healthy snack bars and ready available juice drinks help to keep their body and mind healthy. No one likes to pile on the pounds whilst sitting at their desk, so provide a fun and healthy environment with your treats for each desk. Healthy body + healthy mind = positive boost in the workplace.

Colourful Stationery

Stationery does not have to be basic – in fact, it can be quite colourful. When you provide some colourful stationery into the lives of your workforce you are providing them with some colour.

Going in a funkier direction with your stationery, box files and notepads sure provides a better look than a dull corporate set of workplace gear, lacking any character and not helping the eyes to focus on colour. If you inspire a mind with a dose of colour then it is allowed to get creative, and that creativity can be a great benefit to your business.

Great stationery trends can be found in stationery shops in Manchester, and both business supplies and office supplies in Stockport. It can make the difference in the months that can be affected by a dull atmosphere, and keeping morale high is more important than ever during the darker days!

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