Improving Your Working Posture

It may be just an office job, but sitting all day sure plays a lot into the health of your overall posture. From wrist pain to lower back pain, sore neck and eye strain, sitting at a regular desk pose more health concerns than a regular trip to the gym. When we sit all day to work, pay our bills and complete our day-to-day, we are susceptible to becoming a hunchback worker if not taking time to care for our posture through a mixture of habits and equipment from stationery shops in Manchester. It is important to improve your posture at work.

Quit Scrunching

Scrunching is our worst enemy, usually attributed to our chair height not being correct and allowing our shoulders to be scrunched up so we can work.

When we sit at a desk, it is important to have our back straight, elbows bent at the right angle and eyes focused straight ahead instead of down or up – which plays into neck pain. When your neck is bent downwards all day to meet eye contact with your screen soon starts to take a toll on your neck, which you will especially feel when laying down at night.

The Right Seat

When we calculate how much we sit on a day to day basis, we would be surprised to learn that it takes up more than half of our way. Between driving, eating and working, watching TV and even on the exercise equipment – proper seating makes all the difference.

What is required when working is an ergonomic chair that adjusts in height whilst supporting your lower back and neck. Your feet need to be comfortable on the floor whilst your blood is flowing naturally and reducing your risk of heart problems. Comfort and adjustability are essential when working in the office and at home because work is a necessity that takes up a lot of your time – so it is best to be comfortable and supported whilst doing it.

Desktop Setup

No matter if you work with a laptop or a desktop computer, you will not want to spend the majority of the day hunched over a keyboard.

Being sure that your screen is at eye level and reducing the strain on your neck can be achieved with height-adjustable desks. These allow you to mix your time between standing and sitting when working to help your body get the exercise and movement that is required for healthy living.

It is a much safer alternative to stacking something under your laptop or computer to raise the height, and along with an ergonomic chair you are providing the right amount of daily exercise whilst working to help keep the pounds off and the body agile.

Improve your posture at work and contact the team at Arrow Office for all business supplies and office supplies in Stockport.

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