The Top Office Stationery You Need

Every single office environment has that question asked about ten times a day – “Can I borrow your stapler/scissors/hole puncher etc.” They’re essential office products needed within any business.

How does it always get to be that other people within the office do not have these products at their desk and have to resort to asking one person in the office who seems to always have one to hand?

Nothing is worse than being on a call and needing a pen or piece of paper and none being to hand. With that in mind, what can you provide in the realm of office supplies in Stockport for your employees to ensure they are not without.

Staplers and Staple Removers

This is the number one asked for an item from employee to an employee within an office environment. Ideally, this should be something every employee has within their desktop.

Whether it is a full strip, half strip or mini strip, these items are a necessity and god knows how we operate without them to keep papers together. Whilst many people have opted for using scissors, nails and whatever else they can find to remove staples, having a staple remover should be widespread to every desk to stop them from using whatever it is to hand.


Scissors have been an office stationery product for the better part of the past few centuries, and if your office desks are not home to a pair each then you are certainly living behind the times.

Whilst the use of scissors may not be an everyday occurrence, they are always a product that one employee has and has multiple visitors come to use them. Best be prepared and have everyone supplied with the product at their desks, so two employees are not taking up time in procuring them.

Paper Clips

When they are not being used to fire around the office or being constantly folded and unfolded into different shapes, a paperclip is among the highest sought office supplies in Stockport.

People can staple together, but sometimes they just prefer a more simple approach in keeping documents tidy, and they can be used many times over, unlike staples. It’s always better to provide the choice between the two.

Hole Punchers

Where were we before the advent of desk drawer hole punchers? Probably using one office puncher which was frustrating.

A simple item to have within the office drawer, a hole puncher can do one or multiple papers at the same time and takes seconds to use, and it’s always a great nice to have instead of forming a line for the use of just one office hole puncher.

These essential office products are common business supplies that can be found at stationery shops in Manchester, but your employees having access to their equipment provides a greater sense of productivity and investment in their workspace.

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