Thanking Your Returning Staff With a Consideration of their Wellbeing

If you are a business owner who employs office staff, this year has no doubt been a struggle for both you and your employees. If those days are now over and you are starting to open up your doors, then you and your employees have fought through a lot of change to get back to this point. Making sure your employees have the best office furniture ready for their return is essential for comfort and productivity.

As a boss, things have been stressful, but your employees have also had to adapt their home lives to help you sail the business through the storm. If you are among the businesses that adopted the home working model and prospered, there is no better way to thank those employees than investing back into them on their return.

Many may feel nervous about returning to the office environment, and whilst some may opt to continue the home working model, some want to stretch their legs and feel part of the team again.

To reward everyone for their hard work in making the company pull through, you could provide a sense of consideration for their wellbeing by providing positive office supplies in Stockport.

Ergonomic Furniture

Chances are that many of your employees have had to sit on a make-do chair at the kitchen table with a laptop to get their work done, surrounded by children, pets and partners constantly wanting their attention.

Many people may have gained weight from less commuting and their posture is suffering due to long hours in chairs not suitable. With them gagging to return to work away from the daily distractions, you should welcome them back with ergonomic business supplies such as chairs that help to prevent aches, pains and twinges daily.

Chairs now offer lumbar support for the lower back to help posture and boost an employee’s productivity.

Get the Tables

Adjustable desks are pretty much the new normal in an office environment, giving employees the chance to stretch their legs and help their posture whilst boosting their productivity.

Statistics show that employees who can switch between working in a seated position to standing have a higher productivity rate as they are not feeling the need to get up and walk around the office, and reduces the times when they cross their feet during sitting which reduces blood circulation.

‘Standing time’ as it has become known is provided by many businesses with care for their employees, providing them with the tools to stay physically fit and reduce injuries which may result in time away from work.

At Arrow Office, we provide businesses with the tools to keep employees happy and productive by stocking the best office furniture. Contact the team today for the best welcome back gifts for your dedicated employees.

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