Top Office Supplies for Healthier Days

Back and neck pain are extremely common when working within an office environment unless you have the best office supplies. When you work at home you are more inclined to feel relaxed and take more breaks when needed, but in the office, you feel compelled to work and that takes a toll on your physical state.

There are many different products you can request from your employer to help you work more effectively as well as keep your posture and health in good balance. There are also some steps you can take to help your body whilst it sits at your desk motionless.

Back Support

Where your back is concerned, you should always adjust your chair to accurately support it over the long day.

By correctly adjusting your chair you are greatly reducing the strain your back will feel. If your office chair is not adjustable, you can request one from your management that has adequate adjustment for height, back and tilt.

When sitting, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips to keep circulation flowing how it should.

Adjusting the Chair

Your wrists and forearms should be level with your keyboard at your desk. This helps to prevent any repetitive strain injuries.

By keeping your elbows by the side of your body in an L shape at the elbow joint, your joints will be doing their job whilst you are doing yours. Whilst doing this be sure to rest your feet on the floor and keep them flat. Crossing your feet affects your circulation and can result in cramp. If you feel the need, request a footrest that puts your feet at a comfortable level.

Keep Eye Level

Your screen needs to be directly in front of you with the monitor no less than an arm’s length away.

By keeping your monitor at eye level, you will not stretch or bend your neck to accommodate it, causing discomfort over time. Request a monitor stand or even a height-adjustable desk so that you can easily match up your eye and arm level to your desk and seating.

You should always keep your keyboard in front of you when typing, leaving a gap around 6 inches for your wrists to rest. Also, the key to this is keeping your mouse close by to the keyboard.

There are many business supplies and office supplies in Stockport to help you have a healthier environment within the office, ranging from supported adjustable seating to desks where you can split the time standing and sitting down.

Contact the team at Arrow Office today for an easier and healthier commitment to your posture with the best office supplies.

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