Looking Out for Employees Physical Health in the Office

When working in an office environment there are a lot of considerations to take into account when it comes to the satisfaction of the workforce. The majority of this satisfaction rate comes down to health and wellbeing in the office.

Nowadays more than ever before, their physical wellbeing is among the highest priorities and we are not just talking about workplace safety from accidents – we are talking about their physical health in how much they sit, what they work on and how much easier their day can be by having an environment that actively gives them time to move.

In looking at the trends to satisfying employees and assuring them they have a good environment to work within, there are some business supplies you can employ within the office to provide stability for their physical wellbeing.


An employee and his desk chair is the longest association for a worker within the office, so therefore it stands to reason that this particular area has to be considered prime in the health department.

Gone are the days when a plastic school chair is considered an office requirement. Chairs today require lumbar support, seat depth, seat tilt, adjusting armrests and everything possible to keep your employee’s posture and blood circulation in check. If your employee is suffering discomfort, their energy levels are low and their productivity suffers.

By having these areas covered with a chair that supports your employee, the employee is better equipped to support your business comfortably.


Nothing affects an employees posture like a desk that is not at the right level, forcing your employees to slouch or slump in their chairs to find the right level of comfort.

Today’s marketplace prefers the use of height-adjustable tables which is perfect to meet the level requirement in making computer screens eye level. It also has the added benefit of extending to standing height so employees can greatly reduce their sitting time and allow their circulation and movement to help their posture.

Not only is this a sound investment in your employees well being on a physical level, it greatly reduces the negative connotation of sitting at a desk all day long that some employees hate coming to work to do.

Storage and Privacy

When desks get cluttered due to having no place to put things, it starts to look like a mess and feel a mess. It is also a huge distraction for your employees.

Providing staff members with their storage solutions in their own space is a given in most office environments, but sometimes they can be floor level which is not ideal for an employee’s posture every day. Storage solutions can meet sitting level to decrease low stretching and bending, which helps the employee not injure themselves in due course.

Also, many employees who have to share a space with other employees prefer to have much more privacy and no distractions when undertaking their work, as some employees can be easily distracted by the actions of others and take them out of their headspace. The option of desks with separated walls provides employees who prefer to stay focused on their activities and have limited distractions from others helps to add to their satisfaction in the workplace.

When it comes to the physical wellbeing of your office workers, you can provide them with the best environment for them to do their job by providing them with the best office supplies in Stockport.

Contact the team at Arrow Office today to find your employee satisfaction growing by taking care of health and wellbeing in the office.

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