Avoid Back Pain in the Workplace

Working nine until five-thirty 5 days a week can certainly take its toll on your lifestyle, home life and ultimately, your health. To help avoid back pain, business owners are taking more steps to ensure comfort not only in hybrid working but also within the office environment. By providing their workforce with business supplies suited for their correct posture and proper exercise, many are finding that their employees are being retained at a much higher level than in years previous.

To ensure that employees are at their best possible working comfort, some steps can be taken to avoid back pain in the workplace.


Providing a regular bit of training for your employees on how to maintain the correct seating posture is one of the simplest measures. Having suitable ergonomic chairs is the perfect reinforcement of that.

Observe how employees are reading emails at their desks and use it as an example to everyone. Do they sit with their feet flat on the floor or supported by a footrest?

If they have an ergonomic chair, then the back and neck should be supported – but combatting certain habits that employees have when seated can be tougher. This may come down to them slouching to read their screen because their computer screen is not at eye level. This may call for height-adjustable desks.

Keeping Active

Even when sitting at their desks, employees need to keep their bodies active so that fatigue and pain do not make a quick appearance.

When employees have the benefit of sit-stand desks at their workstations, productivity and concentration levels increase and pain, weight gain and bad blood circulation dramatically decrease. This is a great investment in the health of not just your employees, but also your business bottom line.

By allowing your employees to choose in their working day between sitting and standing, they are getting the exercise that was greatly missed by employees in years past – who developed serious back and neck pain after a few years and dramatically degenerated posture.

Change Computer Setup

As well as your desk and chair layout, another area that could boost productivity and health would be the use of a compact keyboard and a vertical mouse.

By using a smaller keyboard, arms are kept perpendicular to your body and reducing the width of travel a hand has to move between. A vertical mouse also keeps your hand in a more neutral handshake position instead of the standard twist that develops from keyboard and mouse use

Employees physical health is as important as a companies bottom line health, and it plays a huge factor within it. Avoid back pain and invest in your employees health. Contact the team at Arrow Office today – your satisfaction from the best stationery shops in Manchester.

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