Keeping Your Space Organised and Tidy

The hardest part of any job is remaining focused for long periods – and keeping those things that distract us at arm’s length. Your desk space area has to provide a sense of calm and comfort, helping you to feel more energised, focused able to get through your daily activities much smoother. With so many papers and notes clogging up your desk daily, it can soon get out of hand and then it becomes like sitting in a cluttered mess.

There are some solutions to help you keep things much more organised and not affecting your workflow.

Create a System

You can clean all you want but if it continuously ends up in a mess then it may be the way you work that is the problem.

Starting with why you allow it to get so messy, you can create a system of working and organisation where you can dedicate a single moment of each day to dedicate to a checklist of how everything should be in order. By having this huge step in sorting out your organization, you can start to instinctively know when something needs doing before even ticking it off. This may also inspire other people within the office to adopt the same strategy.

What Do You Need?

You can end up with many things cluttering up the desk in quick succession. The question is – how many need to be there?

You may have a build-up of old papers, magazines, empty bottles and used envelopes that have been tossed onto the desk and are taking up valuable real estate. Get rid of everything that serves no purpose for that desk and the work you are doing at it, making sure all your stationery is kept in a drawer where needed and all papers either put in the shredder or recycling bin, where it belongs.

Folders for All

When tidying a desk, the paperwork is going to take more of your time than you realistically have. Separating the required from the junk into two piles, then maybe a third pile for certain papers, a fourth for others – it starts to cover your entire desk in no time.

Buy some folders so that it becomes easier to simply file them straight away, and keep those folder colours different to signify differences. Label each one with what they are and suddenly you are in control and your desk is staying safe.

Desktop trays for papers are also good for keeping more urgent papers that require attention and makes you more efficient at jumping on them straight away.

All solutions can be found at stationery shops in Manchester, and the team at Arrow Office offer a lot of solutions to make your working life and desk space much more controlled. Contact our team today for the best in business supplies and office supplies in Stockport.

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