Keeping it Healthy in the Office

How hard is it to keep morale up within the office – especially if your staff have been accustomed to their own home as their working hub for the past year? Within this article, we will outline a few helpful tips to making a healthy office environment which is much more enjoyable for your workforce.

It can be done in small doses or larger steps, but each provides a positive environment for moving forward.


Providing your staff with a change of scenery is much more than moving their work out of their home space and back into the office. Welcoming them back with something more stylish or friendly is a huge plus.

This can come in the form of providing your office with some life in the form of plants, which offer some great colour and provide improved health and productivity. There is just something very natural about having plant life inside that takes the stress out of the job. It also stretches beyond that as you can change all of your drab decors to something more vibrant and creative. Dull corporate colours are known to make people feel they are more trapped, where something more vibrant provides a healthier outlook. Ask your staff some questions about the colour and design to get them involved with the area they are required to occupy.

Ergonomic Furniture

No one likes to come back to discomfort. Chances are your staff have had so much comfort in the forms of their own chosen furniture at home that the thought of sitting at regular office chairs and desks is negative.

Helping staff to feel comfortable and supported by the use of ergonomic chairs, you are providing not just acceptable working conditions but also an investment in your staff wellbeing, to which they will feel more inclined to work harder knowing their interests have been at the forefront of your thinking. Rising desks are also a great way to help staff members get enough exercise and joint activity.

Well Stocked on Individual Supplies

The best way to combat any ill feelings the staff can build-up is to give them the tools they need, which could come down to small personalised items for the staff at their desks.

This can be providing them with their personalised pens and pencils, to ensure everyone has their business supplies such as staplers and hole punchers to their printers if required. A small investment in your staff can have a big impact, as there will be no crossing desks to borrow or use items that will not be returned.

Small to big positive changes to greet your workforce and create a healthy office environment makes the difference between a successful business to a chore to be involved with. Contact Arrow Office today for all your office supplies in Stockport.

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