Proper Posture for Office Work

If you are like the millions of people who spend large amounts of their day sitting at the desk to get work done, you could face a considerable risk of chronic back pain or musculoskeletal disorders which will begin to affect your overall productivity as well as long-term health.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your posture is supported and your surrounding items around your desk play into your physical wellbeing whilst working. The best posture for working at a desk can vary depending on the type of furniture you use.

Safe in Environment, Risky for Wellbeing

Whilst working in an office environment may be seen as the safest form of work, it still has its risks to health over long periods.

When you opt for a job that has you sitting for long stretches without much in the way of exercise, your body is missing adequate movement and your spine can begin to take a new slouched stance that will have far-reaching effects on joints and muscle tone. Slouching comes from excess longevity in sitting at your desk, but other factors can play their part in the process also. If your desk is poorly set up, such as your monitor not being eye level, your neck can feel the strain which adds to the problem.

Consider Your Equipment

If your office chair is set too high or low it can also affect your overall body shape, as can crossing your legs or ankles. Your spinal discs will wear and tear without adequate movement and blood is restricted through limited movement.

The first step is to make sure that all business supplies are doing their best to help the long sitting hours you face. Be sure that your office chair is made with your back posture in mind, and especially that your computer monitor is eye level.

It is possible to have rising desks so that you can have working periods standing to greatly help your posture and circulation, which also reduces your legs or ankles being crossed. You can also utilize lumbar support to help keep your upper back straight when sitting.

Making Your Workstation Work on You

It also pays in making your workstation work for you instead of you adjusting your body towards it.

By having your most used items within a simple reach that does not require constant learning or surrounding yourself with a desk that increases your movement activity by having to turn. By ensuring you have an adjustable office chair, that also has a headrest and built-in lumbar support you can provide maximum comfort whilst also battling against chronic pain in your future.

Arrow office provides office supplies in Stockport with care and consideration for physical well being. Contact the team today to select the best products for the best posture for working at a desk.

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