Introducing Our Earth


We have partnered with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – an international charity dedicated to saving species from extinction – to bring an excellent 80gsm PEFC certified paper to the market.

As well as Our Earth paper being PEFC certified – an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management through independent third-party certification – the production process has achieved the EU Ecolabel – trusted environmental excellence. This means it recognises the product as having a reduced environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal.

It gets even better!

With every sale of Our Earth paper, a charitable donation of 10p per box (2p per ream) will be made directly to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to help support their focus of rewilding of natural landscapes, animals, ecosystems and people.

Established by author and conservationist, Gerald Durrell in 1959, Durrell’s overall aim is for more diverse, beautiful and resilient natural landscapes in which species can thrive and people can enjoy a deeper connection with nature. Their approach concentrates on the rewilding of animals, the rewilding of ecosystems and the rewilding of people.

Durrell is proud of its many achievements over the past 60 years with some of the highlights including:

  • 14 species saved from extinction
  • 46 successful attempts to control invasive species across 29 locations
  • The survival chances of their target species increased by 150%
  • 383 scientific publications produced
  • Thousands of animals released into the wild, of 26 species
  • 5,500 conservationists trained from 142 countries around the world
  • 435,445 hectares of habitat protected – that is equal to 609,867 football pitches!

The international charity has recently launched its ‘Rewild Our World’ strategy to deliver significant change to the fortunes of some of the world’s most threatened wildlife.

By 2025, Durrell wants to see:

  • 10 ecosystems across the world’s major biomes rewilded
  • 100 threatened species on the road to recovery
  • 500 endangered species projects working more effectively
  • 1,000,000 people better connected with nature.

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